Thursday, 30 May 2013

Todolist and tentative Calbearsium Dynasty pledge

Hey guys, I came across a pretty nice little todo/job tracker at  It allows adding people, creating groups, tasks with due dates, voting, etc, etc.  Slick, easy, and free.

Anyway, I've created a group (Adpetus Pictor); send me your email addresses and I'll send the invite to get you added to the group.

I have two boards at the moment:

Calbearsium Dynasty


I'll be tracking the progress of my armies there.

Tentative pledge for June:

Get Warriors, Immortals, DeathMarks, Immorkals, Wraiths to Done.
Get Doom Scythe conversion to Details + Highlights stage.
Play 2 Games.

Stretch Goals:
All Assembly + Basecoating completed.

This is tentative, open to suggestions, peer pressure, etc.

- retnuH

Sunday, 26 May 2013

What is Adeptus Pictor?

Decided to start this blog as a way getting myself to get through my back log of unpainted minis, and if I can drag a few friends along for the ride all the better.

The basic premise is that each month everyone involved makes a pledge of what they are going to paint/build over the course of the month. At the end of each month there will be photos taken of the work done and hopefully some games played. Each person who fails to complete there pledge will suffer some sort of minor forfeit.

In recruitment stage at the minute, will edit this post as more people are dragged on board kicking and screaming.


The willing participants so far:
Iron Druid