Thursday, 30 May 2013

Todolist and tentative Calbearsium Dynasty pledge

Hey guys, I came across a pretty nice little todo/job tracker at  It allows adding people, creating groups, tasks with due dates, voting, etc, etc.  Slick, easy, and free.

Anyway, I've created a group (Adpetus Pictor); send me your email addresses and I'll send the invite to get you added to the group.

I have two boards at the moment:

Calbearsium Dynasty


I'll be tracking the progress of my armies there.

Tentative pledge for June:

Get Warriors, Immortals, DeathMarks, Immorkals, Wraiths to Done.
Get Doom Scythe conversion to Details + Highlights stage.
Play 2 Games.

Stretch Goals:
All Assembly + Basecoating completed.

This is tentative, open to suggestions, peer pressure, etc.

- retnuH

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