Friday, 30 August 2013

August Pledge: Mebrind

When I thought of this write-up, I had some ideas of what I wanted to say...but then I left everything until the last minute again so shut up and here's some toys

Master of Relics:

Master of the Marches:

PA Librarian:

Terminator Librarian:

6 THSS Terminators

I'm off to bed,

Friday, 16 August 2013

Well I went balls to the wall on this one lads!

the scale is very tricky especially if you are only used to warhammer models but I got them all done strangely the tanks took longer to build then they did to paint! The infantry proved tricky too because they are too small for my meat hooks to hold and paint at the same time, so that meant painting them glued to bases, man the mad jankey angles were annoying as hell but all in all I think I did a good job! see ya in a month chaps! note that the tank in the top picture was used in direct reference for my army!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

August Pledges

Just posting a list of the pledges for the month
This months forfeit : TBC (possible dice/beer monkey)

As for the pledges:
Andy Farrel: TBC

retnuH: TBC

Murray: Ravenwing flyer, 3 land speeders, 6 RW Black Knights

Butler: 30 Flagulents, 30 Greatswords and the armies trays

Lethe371: 8 Bloodletter, 3 Bloodcrushers, Khorne Herald and a movement tray

Kron:  5 T 34 76/85 for flames of war and 5 bases of infantry.

Mebrind: 6 TH/SS Termies Termie Libby, PA Libby, Master of Relics, Master of Marches

Wendel: 20 Plague Bearers and a Skull Cannon

Vindur: 20 Assault marines and 2 Predator Destructors

MidnightDad: TBC

Sickboy: Maulerfiend

Welshman: Taking a month out

Shane: CSM squad, dread and another squad 

Meat Grinder:  WoC Chimera

Glennon: 2 Devastators and Karchev

I'll hound the others for their pledges over the next few days


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sickboys August Pledge

This month's pledge!

I hereby doth declare that this month's pledge is of pussy proportions.

I herewith promise to paint my new Maulerfiend (having just assembled the bollix)

The reason for this dishonourable behaviour is that I have exams for work next month which I am SHITTING.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

July's pledge

So as to change it up, I'm going to explain why I didn't get july's pledge done through the medium of pictures:
All of these things led to this:

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

August Pledge for Lethe37I

Continuing on my elemental demonic madness, this month, I am pledging to build and paint 3 Bloodcrushers, 1 Khornate Herald on Jugger, and 8 more Bloodletters.

This will bring my Khorne section pretty much to completion (except one fk'n awesome idea I have).

I'd love to pledge more, as I am very much enjoying the challenge of this project, however, it is a tight month for me financially, so I can't afford all the models I'd love to be doing.
More next month!

I may try to do more updates this time around, more of a work in progress blog, than a big splurge at the end. We'll see if people enjoy that more. Or if I'm arsed.

Peace, Lethe37I

July Pledge Completion for Lethe37I, and some ramblings about themed armies..

Doubters and Haters beware, I actually put the nose to the grind-wheel and completed my hobby pledge this month..
So, I promised 10 converted bloodletters
and 10 mega converted plaguebearers

So, there are the pictures of my finished miniatures. Whoa whoa whoa, I hear you cry, those really aren't demons of any sort, let alone bloodletters or plaguebearers, and you would be 100% correct, so, you see, I've decided to go off on a complete mad one, and collect a themed army.

When I say themed army, what I mean is an army that is not just a collection of models, it is a unified force. The army has overall concept to bind it all together, and give me a reason for having the models that I have (and the batshit conversions that I'm planning). I'm using the same basic colour palette and the same basing for the entire army. So, even though the units are different, by having the same overall concept, the same-ish colours, and the same bases, they stand together very well as a single force.

The concept for my Demon army is thus: one of the ancient elven colonies in the old world was besieged by demons when the polar gates collapsed, and during the resultant magical shitstorm that ensued around the city, the city, and all of the demons, were utterly wiped out. The land where the city one stood is warped and tainted by such huge magical expenditure, that the very elements of the land itself fight back against anyone they see as invaders, which, for my intents and purposes, is everyone.

So, elemental I-can't-believe-its-not-demons.
All Khornate demons in my army are represented by fire and fire elementals, so, for my bloodletters, I have dryad bodies, clearly burned out husks (dark greys and drab browns, highlied up to light grey, like burnt charcoal) spouting massive brightly coloured flames from their backs and hands.
and a closeup of a single one, with its halo-esque backflame, and its massive hand-sword-fire.

All Nurgle demons in the army will be represented by earth and rock elementals, so, my plague bearers are little boulder-men, they almost look like small landslides running at you. I started with Vampire Ghouls, and sculpted a thick layer of rocklike greenstuff over the top, and then painted them up through the same browns and greys as the Emberboughs, and tried to reinforce their rocky nature with tonnes of stone, slate and pebbles on their bases, painted exactly the same as their "skin"
and a closeup on a single one (one of my favourite models)

I am sorry for the quality of lighting and camera, I did what I could!
Hope you guys enjoyed, more to come soon..