Thursday, 8 August 2013

August Pledges

Just posting a list of the pledges for the month
This months forfeit : TBC (possible dice/beer monkey)

As for the pledges:
Andy Farrel: TBC

retnuH: TBC

Murray: Ravenwing flyer, 3 land speeders, 6 RW Black Knights

Butler: 30 Flagulents, 30 Greatswords and the armies trays

Lethe371: 8 Bloodletter, 3 Bloodcrushers, Khorne Herald and a movement tray

Kron:  5 T 34 76/85 for flames of war and 5 bases of infantry.

Mebrind: 6 TH/SS Termies Termie Libby, PA Libby, Master of Relics, Master of Marches

Wendel: 20 Plague Bearers and a Skull Cannon

Vindur: 20 Assault marines and 2 Predator Destructors

MidnightDad: TBC

Sickboy: Maulerfiend

Welshman: Taking a month out

Shane: CSM squad, dread and another squad 

Meat Grinder:  WoC Chimera

Glennon: 2 Devastators and Karchev

I'll hound the others for their pledges over the next few days


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