Wednesday, 31 July 2013

August Pledge for Lethe37I

Continuing on my elemental demonic madness, this month, I am pledging to build and paint 3 Bloodcrushers, 1 Khornate Herald on Jugger, and 8 more Bloodletters.

This will bring my Khorne section pretty much to completion (except one fk'n awesome idea I have).

I'd love to pledge more, as I am very much enjoying the challenge of this project, however, it is a tight month for me financially, so I can't afford all the models I'd love to be doing.
More next month!

I may try to do more updates this time around, more of a work in progress blog, than a big splurge at the end. We'll see if people enjoy that more. Or if I'm arsed.

Peace, Lethe37I

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