Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Pledge: Mebrind

Seeing as I was talking about my July pledge earlier, I figured I should actually put up pictures of my June pledge. To recap, it was the following:

10 Sniper Scouts
Human Blood Bowl Team (12 Models)
Human Dreadball Team (10 models)

First the Scouts, being done for my Aurora Marines, I followed the scheme I've been using since the new How to paint Citadel Miniatures book came out last year.

As people know, I'm an Atlanta Falcons fan, so anytime there's a football based game, I want the team I intend to play with to be Falcons colours. With that in mind, and because they're the old human models, I used the Falcons Throwback uniform as my base for a scheme.

Finally for the Dreadball team, I saw this image on the Falcons webstore, it's the mascot for the NFL on Fox Sports done up in a futuristic Falcons scheme, and with the way the Dreadball models are laid out it actually transfers pretty well.

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