Monday, 8 July 2013

July Pledges

So after a pretty successful first month we have actually managed to recruit another 5 members:
Paul Quigley, Ciaran Butler, Andy Farrell, Sahne and Kris Wilson, user names to be added later

July's Pledges:

Paul Quigley: TBC

Ciaran Butler: Warrior Priest, 2 Mounted Captains, Mounted General, BSB on Foot, 14 Knights, 5 Pistoliers.

Andy Farrell: 6 Wraiths 3 Tomb spiders

Kris Wilson: TBC

Kron: 5 Scouts and a drop pod

Mebrind: Storm talon, storm raven, land raider crusader

retnuH: TBC

Meatgrinder: 5 grey knights

Wendel: 20 zombies 20 skeletons and a necromancer

Vindur: 2 Furioso dreads, Rifleman dread, Hellbute, Relic contemptor

Brady: 10 converted 'letters, and 10 mega converted plague bearers and the two movement trays.

Murray: Three comtemptor pattern dreadnaughts

Welshman: 10 space marines, 1 storm talon. and a dread naught

Sahne: 10 Chaos Marines and a Dreadnought.

MidnightDad: 10 night lords an a rhino. Also 20 guardians built.
no. Also 20 guardians built.

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