Saturday, 13 July 2013

Ladies (hah yeah right) and gentlemen I am Pierce Sexington IV, or as most of you know me, Kris "I got touched by Dad" Wilson.

Last month I bottled on pledging because I thought I would have no time, as I would be too busy ruining people's lives in work. However, it turns our I can actually paint faster than I thought at first. And I pull a lot of sickies.

So I come before thee to state my pledge for the month. And in a (highly unusual) bout of vigor, I have already completed it.

I had declared before the eyes of God (and Vin) to complete 5 Chaos Termies and 5 Havocs for my Iron Warriors, AND VERILY IT WAS DONE! Pics to follow of them (and the rest of my Grand Company I suppose..)

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